Delivery services currently available to our local community.


Orders must be already placed with selected stores such as Shoprite, (we currently only deliver orders already placed at store)


Cakes, pies, donuts, etc

Small Catering Orders

Pizza, wings, local restaurant orders, etc


Floral & Edible Arrangements

Dry cleaning /laundry

Pick up / Drop off

Small - selective medium sized party supplies

Balloons, candy, party favors, etc


Small - selective medium sized office supplies

Paper, ink/toner, staples, etc

Personal Items

letters, small-medium sized packages, food, etc

Last Minute Service

1-3 items

Casi Llego will actually look for and purchase a maximum of three items from the same store and deliver it to you for a fee of an additional $5. This is great for when you are cooking and forget/run low on ingredients or even just need last minute baby supplies such as food and/or diapers. 


  • Store must be within the seven mile radius, for standard fee to apply
  • Please specify the store the items can be found, if they are uncommon
  • Name of brand and quantity of each item, (if required)
  • No restrictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco products and medicine will be delivered
  • Must agree to pay total amount of products in addition to the delivery fee, upon delivery